A downloadable game for Windows

This 30-day RPGMaker contest remake of a Ludum Dare entry puts you in the role of the Forerunner, a trick flyer turned military courier who takes dangerous routes to ensure his cargo's secrecy.

Forerunner is best described as a rhythm-based rail-flyer; Starfox meets Bit.Trip Runner. Narrowly avoid obstacles to build boost power, then race for your best time through multiple environments synced to original music tracks.

This game is designed to be used with a controller, but can be used with the keyboard as well. WASD/Arrow keys to move/select and Space to confirm/boost. Controller bindings may vary by system (only one was tested), but generally movement is the Left Stick/D-Pad, boosting is the Left Trigger, and selection is Start.

While this game was based on a Ludum Dare game, they share no resources or code base whatsoever. This was my first exploration into using the Unreal engine, while the game jam entry was made with Unity.

This project was designed and programmed primarily by Piers Excell-Rehm, with environmental assets, UI, and SFX created by Joel Arbuckle. Special thanks to Jon Bash for his 2 original tracks!

Install instructions

IMPORTANT! I botched the installer, so some people will need to download and install either the x86 or x64 version, as appropriate. Sorry about that! Please let me know if there are any additional errors that come up, and I'll see what I can do to help you figure it out.


ForerunnerSetup.exe 43 MB